Returning from two nights in the back yard of Knysna, I’m acutely aware of how I don’t quite fit in there. I don’t quite fit in here either. Woe is me.

I felt more authenticity and intelligible cognisance in the smile of a local lady in a coffee shop in…

I’m really not in the mood to write. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a little sad and overly introspective. It is my first official day of holiday. I went for a run, picked mussels, beer tasted and meandered through the overstrand. Why am I feeling any thing other than cheery…

It’s a grim Saturday afternoon in Johannesburg. I’m sick and have been sneezing and sniffing all day – instinctively I decided to come back home where I have since been waited on hand and foot by my Mum. She has been medicating me and feeding me homemade bread and curry…

I’ve just discovered Cat Power’s music and have spent the last hour reading up about her, her career and the turbulence accompanying it. I love her. When I discover an artist like this, that I like so much, I just wonder why everyone has been keeping it a secret. I…

What better way to start the day than with a fucking terrible coffee from Wimpy. I’m waiting for the Pick n Pay to open and sipping on a seethingly hot cappuccino, browsing through spaghetti bolognese recipes online. I’m going to make a spaghetti bolognese for dinner. I’m excited to listen…


I’ve been feeling mentally fit the last while. I’ve bounced back from rejection, my room is tidy, I’m running.

Sure, my mind is astir with insecurities, but I’ve not been stirred up in them.

I’m listening to Diamond Thug’s latest single, “Purple Skies” and it’s so beautiful. I’m on the floor of the Fourways house waiting for my dinner. It’s 20:20 already and I’ve not eaten since lunch. My elbows are stinging because I fell down the wet steps from my room. And then I just sat there in the rain trying not to cry.

It’s hot in the house, and outside. Loadshedding starts again tomorrow.


Today and yesterday, I spent most of my free time deciding where I’d like to live for the summer. George, Wilderness, Stellenbosch, Coffee Bay, even some Greek island had some good looking deals.

I think it’s going to be this quaint sunny bedroom in George…


I’m sitting on the roof of the Fourways house and I’ve just finished an unexceptional paneer korma from Banjaara. I’m feeling emotional and I’m trying to figure out why. I have had a very social weekend filled with drinking. It could be the Sunday Scaries


An Emma will chat your ear off. But that’s OK. I so appreciate people like her – especially when I feel like I make things awkward & serious & people move across to the other side of the table to get away. I…


Walking with the boy

From my head, into the woods

Religion of Dog

Nicola Frances

A lights reel.

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