Nicola Frances

Jun 30, 2020

2 min read

Another one about COVID-19

We are starting to feel the most immediate effects of the pandemic. Despite a two month lockdown, it’s all starting to get inconvenient now — 3 months later. Waking up late and attending Teams meetings in pyjamas suited me perfectly. Sneaking in a visit in a parking lot was a thrill. Having time for hobbies and new things was revelatory. Now, the reality of COVID and it’s practical implications is starting to take effect. A coffee at a cafe at the risk of two weeks of self-isolation and an R850 jab up the nose doesn’t seem worth it.

I am, once again, sitting on my step in the front garden and trying to grapple with what things are yet to look like in the weeks and months to come. Everything we did with ease has now become complicated. Last night my principal sent out an sms at 11:20 to notify us that he would be cancelling school today. 11:20pm. He must’ve pushed the possibility to the 99th minute. Next week my grade 10s are supposed to return. To think I will be teaching them after 3 months of nothing is difficult to wrap my head around. Currently I await my test results from the laboratories for fear of being asymptomatic. Until then I am on house arrest.

The novelty has worn off. Relationships with my family members are tense and teetering on the brink of disintegration. The rhythms of living have become a humdrum. Conversations revolve around the spike in cases. The spike in cases. The spike in cases. Nothing is in my control. These are, testing times.